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ePermit Application Worksheet

Below is a list of City of Elyria permit application types.  Click a permit type to view detailed permit requirements and pricing calculations (where applicable).

Accessory Structure New Commercial
Accessory Structure New Residential
Accessory Structure R/R Residential
Building New Commercial
Building New Residential
Building R/R Commercial
Building R/R Residential
Demolition Commercial
Demolition Residential
Driveway Commercial
Driveway Residential
Door Commercial
Door Residential
Electrical Meter Reset Commercial
Electrical Meter Reset Residential
Electrical New Commercial
Electrical New Residential
Electrical R/R Commercial
Electrical R/R Residential
Electrical Temp Commercial
Electrical Temp Residential
Fence, Shed & Pools Commercial
Fence, Shed & Pool Residential
Fire Protection Minor Work
Fire Protection Systems
Fire Repair Commercial
Fire Repair Residential
Foundation Repair / Waterproofing Commercial
Foundation Repair / Waterproofing Residential
Hanging Banners Commercial
Lot Split Commercial
Lot Split Residential
Mechanical New Commercial
Mechanical New Residential
Mechanical R/R Commercial
Mechanical R/R Residential
Moving Commercial
Moving Residential
Plumbing New Commercial
Plumbing New Residential
Plumbing R/R Commercial
Plumbing R/R Residential
Reroof Commercial
Reroof Residential
Siding Commercial
Siding Residential
Sign Residential
Sign Off-Premise Commercial
Sign On-Premise Commercial
Special Inspection
Swimming Pool Commercial
Swimming Pool Residential
Window Commercial
Window Residential
Parking Lot Commercial
Parking Lot Residential