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The City of Elyria collects recycled materials at the curb-lawn when placed in the City-provided GREEN CONTAINER on collection days. Only recyclable materials may be placed in the recycling cart. The items consist of paper, plastic, glass and metal. Textiles, including carpet and clothing, are NOT RECYCLABLE. A short list of recyclable items is below, but if you have questions, please contact the Sanitation Department at 440-322-3895:  

  • Newspapers and miscellaneous paper, included printed ads and glossy paper
  • Magazines
  • Phone books
  • Junk mail
  • Cardboard and paperboard
  • Metal food and beverage cans marked #1 through #7
  • Plastic detergent and soap containers marked #1 through #7
  • Glass bottles and jars (food and beverage only)

IMPORTANT: Food containers should be rinsed out before placing in the recycle bin.  Items that are still covered in food cannot be recycled and have to be sorted back out and taken to the landfill.