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The City of Elyria Fire Department provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services, including fire, emergency medical services, technical rescues, fire prevention services, and public education.

Elyria firefighters receive extensive training every year, including: fire suppression, fire code enforcement, technical rescues and EMS. Firefighter licenses are renewed every three years.

The City of Elyria is protected by 65 firefighters and operates three active stations strategically located throughout the City. The Fire Department also operates three front-line engine companies, one tower company, and holds in reserve two engines and one heavy rescue truck.


Fire Prevention

The Bureau of Arson and Fire Prevention administers fire codes and standards; conducts regular building inspections; and provides prompt detection and enforced compliance of code. The Bureau is comprised of a Fire Marshal and two Certified Fire Safety Inspectors whose work decreases the number of fires and the severity of those that occur.

Fire and Rescue

The Elyria Fire Department operates a three-shift system. Members are scheduled for 24 hours; which is filled with emergency responses, requests for services, fire prevention activities, training, and daily work to ensure we are ready to respond to the community’s needs.

Fire Hydrants

The Elyria Fire Department conducts annual hydrant testing from September through November to determine flow rates and to flush sediment to improve water quality. All hydrants are inspected and serviced with repairs scheduled as needed. Fire hydrant flushing schedules can be found here.

Car Seat Installation

The Elyria Fire Department works with County Health Department to ensure residents have access to car seats and that installation is correct and safe for infants and children. Visit the Car Seat Installation page for more information.

Mobile Food Trucks

In order to ensure the health, safety and protection of the citizens of Elyria and our visitors, the Elyria Fire Department (EFD) enforces the permit-inspection process for all mobile food units to operate in the City of Elyria. All vendors requesting a mobile food unit permit must submit a completed season permit application form to the EFD Fire Prevention Bureau (FPB). View Food Truck page.


Elyria Fire Department
Chief Joseph Pronesti

40 Cedar Street, Elyria
Phone: 440-322-1024

Emergency:  Dial 911


Fire Stations

Station 1 | Georgia Brown, Secretary
40 Cedar Street
Phone: 440-323-4815

Station 2 | Joe Barnhouse, Mechanic
330 East Broad Street
Phone: 440-323-1027

Station 3
855 Lorain Road
Phone: 440-322-4170
Fax: 440-322-4577

Station 4
609 Abbe Road North
Phone: 440-365-6050
Fax: 440-365-0572

Fire Prevention Bureau

330 East Broad Street
Phone: 440-323-1027
Fax: 440-322-1025 

Fire Marshal

Asst. Chief William Gall
Phone: 440-323-1021 

Training Officer / CPR Instructor

Coordinates public visits and public education events.

Captain Andrew Farley
Phone: 440-323-1113

EMS Coordinator

Lieutenant Brett Bevan, RN
Phone: 440-346-9717