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The hiring process for both the City of Elyria Fire and Police Departments is rigorous. There are three phases: a physical agility test; a written examination; and an oral assessment. The entire process can take up to six months or more.

The first step in the Police Officer employment process is to complete an application packet. Applications packets must be completed according to Civil Service Commission procedures and submitted prior to the established deadline. Please visit to find out more information.

For individuals who completed the Police or Fire Department employment tests, the Eligibility results are available below in PDF format:

Civil Service Commission Rules and Regulations Manual 

Police Reapplication Policy

Police Officer Entrance Examination

Fire Captain
Fire Lieutenant
Police Chief
Police Captain
Police Lieutenant
Police Sergeant
Police Officer (Lateral Transfer)
Police Officer
Personal History Questionnaire – Police Officer

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a new applicant or an existing Elyria employee seeking to make a lateral move, you will be immediately disqualified if you provide false information or if you have used any type of illegal drug in the past two years. For existing employees, this will result in immediate termination; for new applicants, you will never be permitted to apply to a City of Elyria position again.