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Downtown Elyria Redevelopment Task Force Begins

Mar 3, 2020

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ELYRIA, OH – Mayor Frank Whitfield has called for an emergency of the newly developed “Downtown Elyria Redevelopment Task Force” to address needs of the historic downtown area.

“Downtown Elyria is one of our key assets as a city. It hosts thousands of residents and visitors daily and we are committed to its redevelopment,” shared Mayor Whitfield. “Over the last two months one of the emerging themes we’ve heard has been the safety and revitalization of our downtown structures. If we are to continue to develop and attract businesses and visitors to downtown Elyria we need to ensure the area is safe and vibrant for all.”

The Elyria Building Department is currently in the process of blocking off sidewalks and streets to protect walkers and drivers from safety hazards. Additionally, structures are being evaluated as potential safety hazards.

“While these stop-gap measures are being put into place, we recognize the opportunity to add more voices to this conversation about ways to improve Downtown Elyria for all,” added Mayor Whitfield.

The purpose of the Downtown Elyria Redevelopment Task Force will be to identify and prioritize building code and safety violation needs, while establishing a collaborative process to redevelop Downtown Elyria’s historical and aging infrastructure.

“My hope is for our constituents to come to expect that we will engage the appropriate people in decisions that affect our great City, and that we will come up with sustainable solutions not in isolation, but together.”

Mayor Whitfield will be convening building owners, business owners, building department personnel and others for the Task Force on Thursday, March 5th at 5:00 PM in Elyria City Council Chambers. Updates will be shared through local media, the City’s website, and social media.


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