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Hack-A-Thon Winners Announced!

Two weekends ago, the City of Elyria held its first virtual Hack-a-Thon! Residents of Elyria, students, business owners and professionals joined together for a working conference and developed solutions for community-wide problems including: Community violence and crime prevention Social,...

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Trick or Treat

The City of Elyria will have Trick or Treat on Saturday October 30, 2021 from 6-7:30. Residents who are interested are asked to illuminate their porch lights to indicate participation. Thank you

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Downtown TLCI Phase 4 Project to Start Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The 4th phase of the Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative (TLCI) in the downtown area is set to begin on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.  Sidewalks will be replaced at three locations on Broad Street and street lighting at various locations in downtown.   Access to businesses will be...

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STREET SWEEPING – 2021 Second Round

The second round of the annual City of Elyria Street Sweeping Initiative is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Sweeping will start in Ward 5 and progress through the rest of the City counterclockwise in the following order: Ward 3 Ward 1 Ward 7 Ward 4 Ward 2 Ward 6 Prior to...

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Board Member – Park and Recreation Board

The city of Elyria is seeking a new Board Member to fill an open seat on the Park and Recreation Board. This Board consists of five electors of the City who are appointed by the Mayor for a term of five years. This opening was due to a member leaving early therefore, the incumbent will serve until...

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2021 Street Resurfacing Phase 2

The second round of Street Resurfacing projects will begin in August/September. Phase 2 projects include Concord Ave., Lexington Ave., E. Heights Blvd., Kansas Ave., Nebraska Dr., Sandpiper Ave., 13th St., Chestnut St., Parkview Ct., Courtland St., Penfield Ave., Mussey Ave., and Fowl Rd....

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2021 Street Resurfacing Phase 1

The first round of Street Resurfacing projects will begin in August/September. Phase 1 projects include Apple St., Beechwood Dr., Belmont Ave., High St., N. Pasadena Ave., Hartford Dr., Huntington Cir./Winthrop Dr., Artemas Ct., Hawthorne St., Howard St., and Hollywood Dr. Alternate streets...

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