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Mayor’s Statement re: LCSO Concludes Administrative Review of Parmely Ave Incident

Jun 3, 2024

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On January 10th, 2024, the Elyria Police Department (EPD) executed a search warrant at a residence on Parmely Avenue. Following this, serious allegations of police misconduct arose. I instructed City officials to gather footage from cameras worn by officers on the scene. That footage was released on January 16th, 2024.

While that footage clearly illustrated what did and did not occur when the search warrant was executed, it did not answer the allegations regarding how the warrant itself was obtained for that property. To answer those questions, I requested that the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) conduct an independent administrative review regarding the search warrant itself. That review is now complete.

According to the LCSO summary report, “….probable cause existed to believe the juvenile lived at 331 Parmely Avenue at the time the search warrant was obtained and at the time the search warrant was executed.” Additionally, “[t]he address was confirmed by detectives through three different sources prior to the application for the warrant and was confirmed by the juvenile [at the center of the burglary and firearms investigation], as reported by detectives and an independent witness, prior to the service of the search warrant.”

Throughout the investigation, reports, body camera footage, photographs, and case law were examined. Several interviews were conducted. The report and referenced information are several hundred pages long and is available on the City of Elyria’s website, here. Attached you will find a summary of the report’s key findings.

The questions raised by the general public regarding our Police Department were extremely disturbing, and I shared Elyrians’ concerns. I pledged full transparency from my Administration and I thank all residents for your patience as we identified and disclosed the facts of this situation. This report confirms the Elyria Police Department properly followed their policies and procedures, as well as the law.

I would like to express my gratitude for the LCSO for their hard work and diligence throughout this process. I also thank everyone who participated in the fact-finding and disclosure of this information to respond to our questions.

Kevin A. Brubaker
Mayor, City of Elyria