Abbe Road Park

Address: 740 North Abbe Road
Acreage: 2.5
Amenities: Basketball courts, small playground area

Bell Avenue Tot Lot

Address: Bell Avenue @ Belmont Court
Acreage: 1
Amenities Small playground area

Cascade Park/Elywoods

Address: 120 Floradale Court
Acreage: 135
Amenities: Concession stand, Nature Center/meeting facility, nature/hiking trails, picnic shelters, playground equipment, restrooms, sledding hill

East Park Charles M. Hyman East Recreation Center

Address: 1101 Prospect Street
Acreage: 25.5
Amenities: Softball fields, basketball courts, fitness trail, playground equipment, recreation center, restrooms and outdoor swimming pool

Ely Square Park

Address: 400 Broad Street
Acreage: 1
Amenities: Historic monuments, veteran’s memorial

Finwood Estate – Finwood Forest

Address: 799 North Abbe Road
Acreage: 47
Amenities: Annual holiday display, meeting facility, nature trails & picnic shelter,

Hilltop Park

Address: 1231 Gulf Road
Acreage: 25
Amenities: Softball field, basketball courts, nature trails, picnic shelters, playground
equipment, restrooms and tennis court

North Park Sports Complex

Address: 901 Duffy Street
Acreage: 34.8
Amenities: Baseball/softball fields, ice skating arena, playground equipment and outdoor swimming pool

South Park Thomas O. Shores South Recreation Center

Address: 215 16th Street
Acreage: 26
Amenities: Basketball courts, meeting room w/kitchen, picnic shelter, playground equipment, recreation center, restrooms, outdoor swimming pool and
tennis courts

Washington Village Park

Address: Monticello Circle
Acreage: 1
Amenities: Basketball courts, playground equipment

West Park C. R. Hoagland West Recreation Center

Address: 1200 Foster Avenue
Acreage: 50
Amenities: Softball fields, basketball courts, recreation center, picnic shelter, playground equipment, restrooms, skate park and outdoor swimming pool

Academy Circle Park

Address: Academy Drive
Acreage: 8
Amenities: Open green space

Garden Park

Address: 731 Infirmary Road
Acreage: 1.2
Amenities: Basketball courts, picnic shelter and playground equipment