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City of Elyria Awarded Over $900k to Replace Lead Service Lines for Over 225 Households

Mar 9, 2021

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ELYRIA, OH – The City of Elyria will receive $922,062 of principal loan forgiveness from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for lead service line (LSL) replacements in over 225 Elyria homes. The project will begin in March of this year.

Approximately 6.1 million homes across the country receive drinking water through lead service lines (pipes). The Ohio EPA Drinking Water Assistance Fund (DWAF) program directly addresses concerns about lead in drinking water through grant-like principal loan forgiveness. Projects must exhibit a readiness to proceed, have information about LSL locations, and demonstrate authority to address lead lines on private property.

“A lot of time and effort went into developing this project and getting these dollars, and includes work from myself, Mayor Whitfield and Director Brubaker, the Water Distribution Department, Law Director Amanda Deery, and Finance Director Ted Pileski.” said Director Samuel F. Jacob

The city’s Water Pumping Department, under the direction of Director Samuel F. Jacob, worked to develop an application for the project in September 2020. Elyria, notably, was one of the first (1st) communities to submit a proposal last year, and learned of the award Friday, February 26, 2021.

“We are thrilled with the department’s work in prioritizing this project, and collaborating on a proposal to get funding.” shared Mayor Frank Whitfield “Knowing that over 225 homes in Elyria will no longer have to worry about the quality of their drinking water and potential lead, at what will be, truly, no final cost to the City or taxpayers – it’s all a blessing!”

$20 million of principal loan forgiveness is available during program years 2021 and 2022; applicants are eligible to receive up to $1 million per year. The City of Elyria anticipates applying for additional funding for projects in the 2022 calendar year.

For more information about the upcoming LSL replacement project, please call the Water Pumping department at 440-324-7669 ext. 6201.


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