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Kevin A. Brubaker’s first term as Mayor of the City of Elyria began on January 1, 2024. His 2023 campaign emphasized the City’s need for greater Economic Development, increased Public Safety, and a return to Financial Transparency in City Hall. At the culmination of a spirited four-way race, Elyrians chose Brubaker in the historic November 7, 2023, election.

Mayor Brubaker is well-known for his lengthy service to the City of Elyria. Under previous administrations he served as the Safety Service Director, Assistant Safety Service Director, Superintendent of Services, and Cemetery Supervisor. He was previously elected to the Elyria City Council as well as an Elyria City School District Board Member.

Prior to being elected Mayor, Brubaker coached and mentored Elyria High School and Elyria Catholic High School students for over 25 years. He is still proudly called “Coach Bru” by many residents who were influenced by him throughout their youth.

Mayor Brubaker is an avid runner, completing his first full marathon just prior to his 2023 election. As a man of faith, he is a proud and active member of the Elyria Church. Mayor Brubaker continues to volunteer for many local organizations and clubs serving the Elyria Community.

Mayor Brubaker is a proud husband to wife, Lisa. They have one son, Cameron.

Mayor Kevin Brubaker

131 Court Street, Suite 301
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: 440-326-1402