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utility bill with rate explanation

USAGE CHARGES: Water Consumption & Sewer Volume

This part of the bill is a variable cost based on the actual amount of water used as measured by the customer’s water meter. The cost is the same for all customers for each 1 hundred cubic feet/month of water used. For Water, this is listed on the bill as “Water Consumption,” and for Sewer, this is listed on the bill as “Sewer Volume”. Water usage, measured in HCF, is reported on the customer’s bill each month. One HCF is 1 hundred cubic feet of water, which is about 750 gallons.

SERVICE CHARGES: Water Service and Sewer Service

This part of the bill is a fixed monthly fee that is billed to all customers regardless of the amount of water used. The Water Service Charge is based on the size of the customer’s water meter – larger meters and service lines have a higher monthly cost. The Sewer Service Charge is the same for all customers.

sample of water usage as shown on utility bill