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The Fraternal Order of Police Associates is made up of business and professional people from all walks of life. It is a non-secretarial, non-political organization and was founded upon ennobling doctrines of American Democracy in Dayton, Ohio in 1942.

The Fraternal Order of Police Associates is not a “Cops and Robbers” organization nor do associates perform the duties of a police officer. They do set examples of what a citizen should be in their community and are willing to assist in making law enforcement better in their city, state, and country.

The car bearing the emblem or decal of the FOPA member tells others citizens and police officers that you are a supporter of better law enforcement. 

Many changes have taken place in law enforcement through the efforts of members or the Associate Lodges through the country. These changes have induced a better grade of police force. The police officer today is a skilled professional person in their field.

Members are pledged to foster public respect for the police officers, promote better understanding by the public of the rights, duties, and problems of the police officers, and they should strive in every way with their power to better the conditions under which the police officer serves the public.

There are also many benevolent projects conducted by these lodges. Most meetings are spiced with interesting speakers, films, or discussions. Many times meetings are followed up by refreshments so that better fellowship can be obtained among the members.