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The Safety Services Department works with the Law Director’s Office to resolve claims against the City which may have occurred during service delivery involving automobile damages, personal injury or property damage.

An investigation begins once your Claim Form has been received by the Safety Services Department. It is essential that you accurately provide the time, date and exact location of the incident to ensure a thorough investigation. The Claim forms can be found at the forms link at the bottom of this page.

Automobile Damages

If your claim involves automobile damages, you must submit the following documentation:

  • A copy of your automobile title, registration or lease contract is mandatory; no auto claim will be processed without including this information.
  • Insurance coverage information, including a copy of the declarations page, is mandatory for both full and liability coverage.
  • Include two (2) estimates of costs of repair or an itemized repair bill. Two estimates are requested for claims involving a motor vehicle accident.
  • If you are claiming tire damage, the age of the tire and tire tread measurement are mandatory. Tire tread measurements can be obtained from most service stations.
    Police report or incident report, if applicable, is very helpful.
  • Photographs of the damages to your vehicle or tire(s) and of the alleged defect that caused your damages are very helpful.
  • Any witness statements are optional.

Personal Injury

For personal Injuries, please include the following:

  • For ‘Trip and Fall’ accidents you must include the nearest address of where you fell. No claim can be processed without this information.
  • Copies of all medical reports including; doctor bills, hospital bills and pharmacy receipts.

Property Damage

For damage to property other than automobile, you must submit the following documentation:

  • A copy of homeowner’s or property insurance policy, including proof of the deductible amount.
  • A separate itemized list(s) of property damages.
  • Include a description of each item on the list, including brand name, serial number, quantity lost, purchase date or age of the item and purchase price.
  • Attach all bills, receipts, and estimates concerning the described property.
  • If your claim is for property damage to your business, please submit proof of business ownership and/or lease rights and responsibilities.
  • Any photographs of either damaged property or what allegedly caused it.

Please send all items along with your completed claim form to:
The City of Elyria, Safety Service Department, Attention: Saftey Service Director, 131 Court St., Suite 301, Elyria, Ohio 44035.

NOTE: Where an insurance policy is applicable, it is important to note that an individual must use their own insurance policy to cover their damages. A municipality, such as the City of Elyria, may reimburse the deductible; however, we are not required to pay for damages that could possibly be paid by an insurance company. (See Ohio Revised Code Section 2744.05).

ELYRIA CITY COUNCIL RULE 18 – Procedure for Processing Claims Against the City:

  1. All claims shall be filed in writing with the Safety Service Director not later than; a) Sixty (60) days after the date of the occurrence which is the basis of the claim; or b) Sixty (60) days after denial by an insurance carrier, but not more than one hundred and eighty (180) days after the date of occurrence which is the basis of the claim.
  2. The Safety Service Director shall investigate the claim and shall report the findings, by letter or written memo, to the Law Director for consideration.
  3. If the Law Director concludes that a claim should be paid in whole, or in part, he/she shall direct the Finance Director to process the payment as directed by the Law Director. The Law Director shall report such action to the Safety Service Director and to the Clerk of Council. The Clerk of Council shall send a copy of such reports to all City Council members.
  4. If the Law Director concludes that a claim should not be paid, he/she shall notify the claimant, in writing, of the disallowance of the claim and shall send a copy of the notice to the Safety Service Director and the Clerk of Council. The Clerk of Council shall send a copy to all City Council members.
  5. If the claim is disallowed by the Law Director, the claimant shall have thirty (30) days from the date of the notice of disallowance to file a moral claim in writing with the Safety Service Director. The Safety Service Director shall refer the moral claim to the Clerk of Council for review by the appropriate Council Committee and recommendation to the Elyria City Council.
  6. Law Director’s Office will investigate claim and get back with claimant.

Remember, your claim cannot be processed until the Safety Service Department receives a completed claim form. Claims processing can take up to 4–6 weeks. You will be contacted in writing as soon as your claim has been investigated and fully processed.