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The City of Elyria’s Information Technology department coordinates IT across its various
departments. IT manages and supports the City’s entire network including, applications, email,
telephone and mobile devices, while also providing education on information security and privacy.


  • Increases operational agility and performance in the delivery of technology services.
  • Improve the design and delivery of digital services; simplifies the way the City does business through improved use of technology.
  • Accelerates the adoption of common technology platforms and shared services citywide.

Simplifies and streamlines processes through lean practices;  reduces bureaucracy; applies innovative technology to deliver better government services.

Drives innovation and improves efficiencies by creating software solutions and digital infrastructure for the City.

Supports essential City services by ensuring the cyber infrastructure is safe, secure, and resilient.

The City’s free wifi network is “Elyria Public WiFi”. No password is required, however users are required to agree to the City’s acceptable use policy before connecting.


What is the public WIFI network in City of Elyria facilities?

Answer: Visitors to the City’s facilities have access to the free wifi network “Elyria Public WiFi”.

No password is required, however users are required to agree to the City’s acceptable use policy before connecting.

How does the City protect our infrastructure, business/customer information, and data?

Answer: The City of Elyria has put into effect several measures to protect the critical infrastructure and business/customer account information.

For example: 

  • We maintain a multi-layered security program that combines people, tools, controls and technologies to protect our data.
  • We work collaboratively with many private businesses and governmental agencies to address any potential threats / malware outbreaks, and continuously monitor our systems through an automated notification system.
  • We use advanced encryption technology to secure our communication with all external websites.
  • The firewall and anti-virus programs utilize pattern analysis and advanced analytical systems to detect suspicious activity, and prevent unauthorized access to City’s systems. 
  • We limit the number of individuals who have access to personal/customer and sensitive information.
  • We provide e-learning and information tool sets to educate the team about privacy and security.
  • We provide cyber insurance coverage for all business transactions.
  • We also enforce internal measures, such as policy and discipline.


Information Technology Department
Brian Rothgery, Director

131 Court Street
Elyria, Ohio 44035