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Statement from Mayor Brubaker regarding Parmely Ave video footage

Jan 16, 2024

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On January 11th, 2024, the Elyria Police Department executed a search warrant on Parmely Avenue. Following this, allegations of police misconduct arose. I instructed City officials to gather footage from cameras worn by officers on the scene. Given the extreme and disturbing nature of the allegations, I requested that footage be reviewed and released to the public as soon as possible.
Today, that review process, which is required by law, was completed on footage captured by several body-worn cameras. I am releasing that footage now. In addition, I am also releasing several statements and reports written after the incident by those on scene, including a written explanation of all personal information redactions.
The footage captured clear video and audio of the search warrant’s execution, including officers’ actions both inside and outside the home. The footage also includes interactions with both the mother and child throughout the incident.
While the footage captured clearly illustrates what did and did not occur when the search warrant was executed, it does not answer questions of what led to the warrant itself. To answer those questions, I have also requested an external investigation.
At approximately 4:00 p.m. yesterday, January 15th, my office requested the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office begin an investigation into the process to obtain the search warrant, as well as the incident itself. Given the extreme nature of the allegations, I want all remaining questions answered transparently and independently.
I again thank Elyria’s for your patience as we worked to get the facts out to you, and I thank the many City staff members who expedited that process.
The following link will take you to the video footage. Attached are reports filed immediately after the incident by officers and medics on scene.
Mayor Brubaker