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Mayor Whitfield Visits White House, Shares ARPA Story

Sep 7, 2022

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Today, Elyria Mayor Frank Whitfield is at the White House to share how the City of Elyria is utilizing the American Rescue Plan Act, the Infrastructure Bill, and the CHIPS Act to transform our community into a city of the future. These investments are empowering our residents today and will benefit our children’s children for years to come. The City of Elyria is honored to have received this invitation from the White House and we look forward to Mayor Whitfield sharing our story.

A Statement from Mayor Whitfield:

As a Mayor in America prior to the American Rescue Plan, I know what our conversations in city halls were about. It was about layoffs, revenue loss, and weathering the big financial hits to our cities. Because of the American Rescue Plan, our conversations are now about growth, development, and making investments that will benefit our children’s children.

Today I am honored to represent the City of Elyria, Ohio, and share our ARPA story with the Biden-Harris Administration. We have conducted online surveys, hosted forums and town halls, and even hosted a ‘hackathon’ engaging our residents on how they want to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity. We’ve already invested resources in our small businesses, nonprofits, Parks and Recreation, and stabilized our city services. And we are just getting started! Today at the White House I’ll be sharing more about how the City of Elyria plans to utilize ARPA, the Bipartisan Infrastructure bill, and the CHIPS act to empower our transformation as a city.