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Board Member – Park and Recreation Board

Aug 17, 2021

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The city of Elyria is seeking a new Board Member to fill an open seat on the Park and Recreation Board. This Board consists of five electors of the City who are appointed by the Mayor for a term of five years. This opening was due to a member leaving early therefore, the incumbent will serve until December 2025. The Members of the Parks and Recreation Board may not hold any other office or employment with the City. This is a volunteer position.

The Park and Recreation Board shall provide for:

  • the development, maintenance, and operation of parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities, and programs of the City;
  • render assistance to and cooperate with organized groups conducting recreation programs;
  • stimulate interest in the care and preservation of historical and scenic sites;
  • make recommendations to Council concerning the general state of the City’s recreation and park programs and facilities; and
  • perform such other duties and functions as the Council shall require by ordinance;
  • provided however, that the power to acquire, purchase, and accept as donations, or to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of real property for park and recreation purposes shall be vested in the Council, and the title to such property shall be taken in the name of the City.

The Park and Recreation Board shall have the control and supervision of employees developing, maintaining, and operating park and recreation facilities of the City; however, original and promotional appointments of such employees shall be made, in accordance with the Civil Service provisions of this Charter, by the Safety-Service Director.

This position requires attendance at meetings held, at a minimum, once per month with the flexibility to hold special meetings. Standing meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm.

The ideal Board Member will have experience working/volunteering in a parks and recreation environment or utilizing the services of the Parks and Recreation Department. The incumbent should have a strong interest in community and the development of parks and programs for residents.

If you are interested in applying for this volunteer opportunity please send a letter of interest outlining your qualifications to