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Law Director

Scott F. Serazin is the Law Director of the City of Elyria. Attorney Serazin has thirty five years of legal experience.  The Law Department staff consists of attorneys Amanda R. Deery, Erik A. Breunig, Honey Rothschild, Joe Bott, Scott Strait, Michelle Nedwick, and John R. Keys.

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 7.03 of the City Charter, “the City Law Director shall serve the Council, the City Auditor, and the Civil Service Commission as legal counsel in their respective affairs and shall represent the City, Council, Clerk of Council, City Auditor, and Civil Service Commission in all proceedings in court or before any administrative board or body. He or she shall act as the city prosecutor in all criminal matters and shall represent the City in court in all criminal matters. He shall bring all taxpayers’ suits on behalf of the City as provided by the general laws of the State of Ohio. In addition to the foregoing powers, the City Law Director shall represent the City in all matters and actions relating to: the annexation and detachment of territory; the liability of the City for injuries to persons or property alleged to have been caused by any wrongful acts of the City, its officers or employees; the appropriation of property in exercise of the power of eminent domain by the City; the validity of all bonds and notes issues by the City; and the levying of taxes and assessments by the City.”

The Law Department prepares and/or oversees all legislation presented to City Council from every City Department. Additionally, the Law Director provides advice and legal opinions to the Council, Clerk of Council, City Auditor, and Civil Service Commission.

The Department also prosecutes all criminal matters. The Criminal Division is housed in the Elyria Municipal Court. They can be contacted at 440-326-1760.

Due to legal constraints, the Law Department staff is unable to provide legal advice to residents concerning private legal disputes or any other private matters, such as property disputes or eviction proceedings. For information regarding tickets and fines in the Elyria Municipal Court, please contact the Elyria Municipal Court, Clerk of Courts.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Law Department at 440-326-1464 or by fax at 440-326-1466.