Learn to Skate

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Tot:  Children age 4-6,  classes are 25 minutes in length with 5 minutes of practice.
Youth:  Children ages 6-16, classes are 35 minutes in length with 5 minutes of practice.
Adult:  Anyone 16 years of age or older.  Classes are 35 minutes in length with 5 minutes of practice.
Parent & Tot: Ages 2-5 years, Parents must go on ice with child ( Session I &  II only)

Learn to Skate Class Descriptions:

Parent & Tot:   Class designated for both parents and young skaters to become more comfortable
with the ice.  Tot will be introduced to proper falling and standing, skating across the rink forwards
and backwards and maneuverability.  We will also give parents learn to skate tips too!!

Tot 1 (Snowplow Sam 1):  This class starts off the ice.  Parents are shown the correct way to lace
and tighten skates.  Students are shown how to stand on the skates, bend, fall and correct way to
get up.  Once on the ice, the same procedures are done to get the student s comfortable with falling
and getting up by themselves.  Students will also learn to march forward and to glide and dip.

Tot 2 (Snowplow Sam 2):  Forward marching should be strong a nd two foot glide with a deep
knee bend is introduced.  Hop on two feet forward and swizzles,the snowplow stop, and backward
skating is introduced.

Tot 3 (Snowplow Sam 3):  Forward marching and one foot short glides are started.  The snowplow
stop is worked on, along with backward swizzles.

Basic 1:  This class is designed for the beginning ice skater.  Students start by learning about their skates,
proper fit and how to lace and tie them correctly.  Skills include skating in a straight line and gliding.

Basic 2:  This class introduces the skills necessary to going backward, moving snowplow stop, backward
two foot swizzles, turning from forward to backward, gliding backward on two feet.  The skater learns one
foot forward gliding, forward and backward slaloms.

Basic 3:  The skater is asked to refine their stroking by learning to turn the foot out before pushing.
Forward and backward swizzles, two foot sping, gliding backward.

Basic 4:  The skater will work on forward outside three turn, from a T position.  Forward crossover,
backward one foot gliding and forward inside and outside edges are introduced.

Basic 5:  The edge taught in the last level will now have a turn added to them.  One foot spin will be
reviewed and revolutions added alsong with proper exit.  Slide toe hop, T-stop withn an outside edge
Backward crossovers along with inside and outside edge work is introduced.

Basic 6:  Skaters will learn hockey stops, bunny hops, spirals, lunge backwards to forward two foot on circle.

Basic 7:  Skaters will work on a Mohawk from a T position, backward crossover, and beginning scratch spin.

Basic 8:  Skills worked on will be a mazurka, waltz jump, outside and inside three turn on a circle, forward inside

Freestyle: Skaters works on advanced forward stroking, scratch spin from backwards crossovers, waltz jump
form 2-3 backwards.


How do I dress for skating?  The ice rink is the same (sometimes a few degrees colder) than the outside temperature.
All skaters should wear gloves, mittens, hats or ear muffs.  If your child is wearing a scarf, please be sure that there are
no loose ends that they might trip over.  During the colder months, snow plow or ski pants are encouraged.

Safety on the ice:   No gum or candy on the ice.  Never grab another skater, especially while falling.  Do not lick your
mittens or the ice.  Do not walk on the concrete with your skates.  NO HORSE PLAY, especially during practice time.