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Inspectors and Supporting Staff

Administration and Staffing

Kevin A. Brubaker
Senior Manager – Building Department, Building and Lands Department
Administrator of Department Personnel and operations.

Mary Tomski
Financial/Project Systems Coordinator
Payments, logs, and distributes building plans for plan review; checks and reviews permit applications and supporting documents for proper form, sufficiency of information, and conformance with legal standards; issues permits as authorized.
In addition, Mary handles Payroll, Sick Leave, and Vacation forms. Contractor/Rental Registration forms, Renewal forms and Related Records.

Please contact the Appropriate Inspector(s) Directly to Schedule an Inspection

Commercial/Residential Building Official and Inspectors

Darryl Farkas
Interim Building Official – Zoning Administrator. 
All Zoning and Commercial Plan reviews including, Adjudications and Certificates of Occupancy.
In addition, Signs, Fences and Zoning Inspections.

Braden Thomas, Sr.
Residential Building Official, Plumbing, Mechanical and Building Inspector.
Certified as a, Plumbing Inspector, Plumbing Plans Examiner, Residential Plumbing Inspector, Residential Plumbing Plans Examiner, Certified ICC Mechanical Inspector, Residential Building Official, Commercial Inspector, Fire Protection Inspector and Electrical Safety Inspector (Trainee).
In addition, Inspector Thomas handles;  Residential Plan Review of New Dwellings/Additions, Residential Adjudications and Certificates of Occupancy, All Plumbing, Mechanical/HVAC (new or replacement), Waterproofing, Fire Protection Systems and Special Inspections.

Timothy Golden
Electrical, Mechanical, Building Inspector and Backup Building Official.
Certified as a, Electrical Safety Inspector,  Residential Building Official, Building Official, Mechanical Inspector, Residential Building Inspector, Commercial Building Inspector, and Fire Protection Inspector.
In addition, Inspector Golden handles; All Electrical, Mechanical/HVAC (new or replacement), Pools/Spas, Roof replacement, Siding/Windows/Door replacements, Plan Review, and Special Inspections.

Raymond Langdon
Residential Building Inspector
Certified as a Residential Building Inspector and International Property Maintenance Inspector.
In addition, Inspector Langdon handles; Footings, Foundations, Slabs, Framing, Porches/Decks, Fire Repair/Demos and Final Inspections.

Housing Inspectors

Kara Makila
Deputy Housing Inspector 

Terry Sobotka
Deputy Housing Inspector 

The Deputy Housing Inspectors perform inspections of Houses and Property for Conformance with Applicable Codes pertaining to Litter, Overgrowth, Abandoned Vehicles and Interior and Exterior Building Conditions – They handle Written and Oral Correspondence relative to Code Violations – They work directly with Senior Staff and the Law Department.

In addition, they Maintain Records of Inspections Activities; make Photographic Records of Violations – Prepare or Complete Various Forms, Reports, Correspondence, Logs, Inspection Reports, Notices, Formal Warnings, Citations, Affidavits, and Court Disposition Forms.  They also receive Various Forms, Reports, Correspondence, Inspection Reports, Police/Fire Reports, Newspapers,  Photographs, Maps, Property Records, Legal Documents, Manuals, Codes, Ordinances, Directories, Reference Material, or other Documentation; Reviews, Completes, Processes, Forwards or Retains as Appropriate.