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How do I read my bill?

Guidance is provided here: How to Read Your Bill

How do I pay my water bill?

AnswerFor the convenience of our residents, there are multiple options for paying utility bills:

Why were water meters replaced in Elyria?

AnswerNow in its final phase, city-wide upgrades were made to replace meters 20-years-old to improve service and efficiency. The program especially helps the City of Elyria to:

  • Ensure more accurate readings for consistent billing
  • Eliminate confusion from “estimated usage” reports
  • Quickly identify leaks and water main breaks  
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for on-site readings

My water bill is higher this month. What’s going on?

AnswerAn unusually high water bill is most often caused by a leak or change in water use. Some common causes of high water bills include:

  • A leaking toilet, or a toilet that continues to run after being flushed
  • A dripping faucet, which can waste 20 gallons of water a day or more
  • Filling or topping off a swimming pool
  • Watering the lawn, new grass, or trees
  • Kids home on school holidays
  • Guests in your home
  • Water-cooled air conditioners
  • A broken water pipe or obvious leak
  • Water softener problems
  • Running the water to avoid freezing water pipes 

What can I do if my bill is unusually high?

AnswerIf you receive a bill that you feel is too high, check over the common causes listed above. If you feel that your bill is too high and you have not been contacted by the City about it, call: 440-326-1570. City staff will schedule for the meter reading to be rechecked. If the meter reading is checked and found to be accurate, you may need to contact a plumber or other professional to help determine the source of a leak. Property owners are responsible for all private service water lines from the public water main to the residence and for leaks inside the home.

I need help paying my water bill. What do I do?

Residents at least thirty (30) days behind with a disconnection notice may be eligible for utility and/or rental payment assistance through a partnership with the Lorain County Salvation Army. Elyria Utility customers are encouraged to apply at, or by calling 440-323-2026.

Additionally, the Lorain County Department of Job & Family Services offers utility assistance (natural gas, electric, bulk fuel, water, sewer, and trash) and rental assistance (up to 12 months). Apply at, or by calling 440-284-4423.

The Lorain County Community Action Agency  has a low income household water assitance program. For more information see the flyers below.

LIHWAP Flyer - English
LIHWAP Flyer - en Español


The City of Elyria has many resources in place to help residents. You can contact us in the utilities department for suggestions, contact your church, the Salvation Army, or United Way of Lorain County. Their resources can be reached by dialing: 2-1-1

Why do I have to pay for water? Shouldn’t it be free?

AnswerWater in the City of Elyria is provided by a team comprised of our Public Utilities, Water Distribution, and Water Pumping departments. Working together, they bring clean, fresh, healthy water from Lake Erie to your home, as well as to homes in neighboring cities such as Amherst, North Ridgeville, several nearby townships and more. 

While water itself is free, the logistics of getting large quantities of water, safe to drink, for use in homes and businesses incurs costs for purification and disinfecting at the water treatment plant, plus the cost of providing and maintaining water lines, storage tanks and the labor of the people who maintain this extensive network. There are additional costs associated with the process of routing and sanitizing used water from flushing and draining.

We are leaving for the winter. What should we do with our utilities?

Answer: Some residents choose to keep their utilities active, with a friend or neighbor visiting from time to time to run the faucets ensuring pipes do not freeze. Other residents turn off their utilities; all that is needed is a completed authorization form specifying on/off dates.

I received a "High Consumption" letter. Why?

The City of Elyria believes excellent customer service begins with anticipating your needs. When we detect higher than normal consumption in your home we send a letter to alert you right away so that you can save money.