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ESRS – In the LOOP

Jan 30, 2023

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The Work across the city continues, here are just a few progress updates.

E. Broad Street
Monday, January 30, 2023 Broad St. between Williams and Sumner will be working between Williams St. and Sumner. They have a flagger on site to keep traffic moving. Please drive safely.

Cleveland Street
Effective Monday, January 30th, 2023, at 7:00 AM, the Cleveland Street watermain replacement project will begin. The contractor will be setting up their work zone on Cleveland Street at Hawthorne.
They will begin digging at Hawthorne, and head west towards E. Bridge St. We will continue to update as the project progresses. Traffic will be reduced to ONE LANE OF TRAVEL in each direction (east & west). Please use extreme caution in this work zone; Expect possible delays; And as always, thank you for your patience as we continue with our progress and upgrades to our City!

ESRS-Big Sewer Project:
The contractor installed the last piece of 78” pipe last week. The contractor will transition to 72” pipe after the installation of the first manhole on Poplar Street.

First of many manholes to be installed

This week, excavation begins on Gulf Road at Ohio Street. The contractor had to scramble after finding out the shoring system for the big chamber on E Bridge St was delayed, so work on Gulf at Ohio started sooner than anticipated. Traffic on Gulf is limited to One-Way Southbound between Lafayette to Cleveland St.


Cleveland Street Watermain work starts today. Work will start at Hawthorne. One lane of traffic in each direction will be maintained as much as possible. Please be extra careful driving this corridor…!!

E. Broad Street utility relocations continue between S. Logan and Park Avenue.

Project Coordination:
Many are wondering why all this work is taking place at the same time…..well, the ESRS (big sewer project) is required by our Consent Decree. The project must be complete and in operation by the end of 2024. Cleveland Street and E. Broad Street Roadway projects are both funded with federal funding and must be spent within the timeframe provided by NOACA and the state. The Cleveland Watermain project is funded with City funds, but it makes sense to get the watermain replaced before the new pavement is constructed. As I’ve mentioned before, it will get worse before it gets better…please be patient and we’ll get through this together!!

Feel free to contact the Engineering Office if you have any questions or concerns.

Here’s a link the webpage where we have a traffic map and the traffic notices posted.

That’s it for now!

(especially with this weather!)

Kathryn K. McKillips, P.E.
City of Elyria Engineer

Engineering Office: 440-326-1444