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Associating Multiple Utility Accounts with a Single e-Utilities User Profile

Feb 25, 2020

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Once you have created your eUtility user profile, you can associate additional utility accounts, with your user profile. For example, many of us have an additional account for the Stormwater Utility Fee or maybe you have multiple properties. Multiple accounts can be accessed from a single user profile.

Adding an Account:

  1. Sign into eUtilities
  2. Select User Profile
  3. Select Linked Accounts
  4. Click the Add Account button
  5. At this point, you must enter the Account Number and the full name on the account you wish to add. The information must be typed EXACTLY as they appear on your bill.
  6. Click CONFIRM ACCOUNT. If you get this message: “The account information you provided could not be verified.”, you did not type the account number or name EXACTLY as it appears on your bill. Keep in mind, the name on your bill could be last name first, it could include middle initials or a number of other things, so check your bill.

You can add as many accounts as is necessary. Once an account is added, it can be selected from the drop-down list of addresses at the top left portion of the screen. Once an account is selected, all features in eUtilities will pertain to that account.

If you have not created your eUtilities user profile yet, click here.

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