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Elyria Mayor Brinda Appoints City Engineer

August 15, 2012

Elyria Mayor Holly Brinda
AT: (440) 326-1402



The City of Elyria has hired a new City Engineer.  Timothy J. Ujvari of Hudson, Ohio will replace retired City Engineer Mukund Moghe effective Monday, August 20, 2012 at a salary rate of $87,673.  A registered professional engineer and surveyor in the State of Ohio with Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Licensed Class II Wastewater Operator Certification and Class A Water Operator Certification, Mr. Ujvari has high level private and public engineering experience.

Since November of 1991 through May of this year, he was with the Ohio Turnpike Commission, first as Assistant Maintenance Engineer and later Maintenance Engineer.  His primary responsibilities as Maintenance Engineer included overall maintenance of the Ohio Turnpike, including the development of related operating and capital improvements, strategic planning, regulatory permitting, and establishing staffing levels within the department of 425 with an operating budget of $43 million.  Prior to serving with the Ohio Turnpike Commission, Mr. Ujvari was employed with URS Corporation from 1978 – 1991, (formerly Dalton, Dalton, Newport), starting as a surveyor and later as a Designer and Resident Engineer.

“We are very pleased to have Mr. Ujvari leading our engineering staff in the City of Elyria,” said Mayor Holly Brinda.  “We have looked long and hard for the right match to complement our very competent team and we look forward to him helping us elevate our engineering services and infrastructure planning to the next level.  “

Brinda said Ujvari was the candidate voted the best match by the current engineering staff, largely because of his team approach and his municipal-like experience with the Ohio Turnpike Commission.  Mayor Brinda explained that Mr. Ujvari’s work was multifaceted and can best be defined as a department functioning within a city that is 241 miles long and 500 feet wide.  His responsibilities not only included the repair and replacement of pavements, roadways, bridge and drainage structures, but also the operation, maintenance and permitting  of OEPA regulated water and waste water treatment plants, compliance with EPA mandated storm water management, and oversight of 50 buildings/complexes including 16 service plazas, 31 toll plazas and maintenance buildings.

“These areas of expertise by Mr. Ujvari will serve the City of Elyria well, as the Engineering Department interfaces quite often with both our  water and waste water treatment plants,” said Mayor Brinda.

In addition, as a turnpike Department Head, Mr. Ujvari was responsible for contract oversight and was a member of the collective bargaining team – experiences that have helped him hone his knowledge and relationship building skills to help get jobs done on budget and on time according to Mayor Brinda.

Mr. Ujvari comes highly recommended by two retired Executive Directors of the Ohio Turnpike Commission including L. George Distel and Allan Johnson, as well as Daniel Castrigano, retired Deputy Executive Director.  “With Tim I could count on him to be on time and on budget,” said Mr. Distel. He added that “people in the field were very motivated by him.”