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A permit must be obtained from the Engineering Department for the following activities:

  • Excavation in the treelawn or street
  • New sanitary connections
  • New water connections
  • Grading
  • Commercial drive approach
  • Storm water activities (effective March 2008)

Permit Fee Schedule

All fees must be remitted at the time of application. For updates or changes to the fee schedule, please call the Engineering Department. Updated fees can also be obtained from Section 109 of the Code.

Excavation Permits

In treelawn $0 deposit
Cutting pavement (less than 16’ in length) $400.00 deposit + $100
Cutting pavement (16’ – 40’ in length) $500.00 deposit + $100
Cutting pavement (over 40’ in length) $600.00 deposit + $100

For all excavation permits where a fee is remitted, the entire deposit minus $100 will be returned to the applicant 6 months after signed approval by the inspector.

 Sanitary Sewer Connection Permits – Residential

A single family house $750.00 per house
Multifamily buildings
a– One bedroom or studio type $350.00 per dwelling unit
a– Two bedroom $450.00 per dwelling unit
a– Three bedroom or larger $600.00 per lot
Mobile home parks $550.00 per lot

 Sanitary Sewer Connection Permits – Commercial, Industrial or Institutional

New buildings to be used for commercial, industrial or institutional or any other non-residential purpose shall pay a fee which is the greater of the fee based on the water meter size of the building or the fee based on the square footage of the building:

Water Meter Size
5/8 inch $750.00
3/4 inch $850.00
1 inch $1,225.00
1-1/2 inch $2,200.00
2 inch $4,200.00
3 inch $9,200.00
4 inch $20,200.00
6 inch $40,200.00
8 inch $70,200.00

To obtain a calculation for the square footage, please contact the engineering department.

There is no sanitary connection charge for an unmetered water line used solely for fire prevention.

Prior to any underground construction activities, please notify all local utilities and the Ohio Utility Protection Service at 1.800.362.2764.

Water Connection

Please refer to the Department of Utilities page for fees associated with a water line connection.


A grading permit must be obtained for a fee of $10 per acre or a minimum of $30.00 when:

  1. any grade is changed by six inches or more
  2. any drainage pattern is changed or modified to alter surface discharges onto adjoining properties

Drive Approach for Commercial Use

A Drive Approach Permit is required for drive approach/apron work for properties other than one and two households. Fee: $30.00 per apron.

Oversize/Overweight Permits

Oversize/overweight vehicles are required to obtain a permit from the City of Elyria, when transporting on all City streets.  Permit is not required if only driving on state routes within City limits.  See City of Elyria Codified Ordinance, 339.  There is a $30 fee per permit.