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eSuite e-Utilities Website Browser Issues

Jan 25, 2020

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We have heard from some customers that they are having issues utilizing or eUtilities website for accessing utility account information and making online payments depending on the web browser program that they have on their devices. We are looking into these issues to determine the cause and as well as discovering which browsers are affected.

If you receive a message that your browser is not supported, this could be due to your browser being of date and in need of being updated.

Otherwise, our software vendor has reported the following regarding browser compatibility:

“Safari is the only common browser with known issues. All other browsers should be compatible with the eSuite applications.”

Safari is a web browser commonly found on Apple devices including the iPhone, but there are other browsers that can be used on the iPhone. If you are using the Safari browser on your iPhone or other Apple devices, you may want to search for iPhone web browsers to find an alternative. We will continue to work with our software vendor, but currently have no information as to when or if the Safari issues will be resolved.

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