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City of Elyria Board and Commission Appointment Application

Nov 22, 2021

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Members of these boards and commissions:
Must be Elyria residents and;
Shall not hold any other office or employment with the City of Elyria.

The purpose of this application is to express interest in one or more of the following boards and committees:
– Parks and Recreation Board
– Civil Service Commission
– Board of Zoning Appeals
– Planning Commission

Top applicants will be scheduled for a brief interview and meeting with decisions made by Jan 1, 2022. Applicants that aren’t selected will be considered for future appointments as well as other service opportunities.

Parks and Recreation Board – 5 year term – Meets Monthly – Weekday – Early evening – 2 openings

Park and Recreation Board shall provide for the development, maintenance, and operation of the parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities and programs of the City; render assistance to and cooperate with organized groups conducting recreation programs; stimulate interest in the care and preservation of historical and scenic sites; make recommendations to the Council concerning the general state of the City’s recreation and park programs and facilities; and perform such other duties and functions as the Council shall require by ordinance;

Civil Service Commission- 6 year term – Meets Monthly – Currently Second Monday of the Month 3pm – 1 opening

The Civil Service Commission shall provide by rule for the determination of merit and fitness as the basis for appointment and promotion in the classified service of the City as required by the Constitution of Ohio.The provisions of the laws of the State of Ohio include selection, promotion, demotion, discipline, and removal of employees within the classified service of the city. The Civil Service Commission shall appoint and remove, subject to the Civil Service provisions of this Charter, all employees of the Commission. The Civil Service Commission shall have the authority to adopt its own rules and regulations not inconsistent with state laws or provisions of the City of Elyria Charter.

Board of Zoning Appeals – 6 year term – Meets Monthly – 2 openings

The Board of Zoning Appeals shall have the power to hear and decide appeals for exceptions to and variances in, the application of resolutions, ordinances, regulations, measures and orders of administrative officials or agencies governing zoning in the City, as may be required to afford justice and avoid unreasonable hardship, subject to such reasonable standards as shall be prescribed by Council; and such Board shall have such other powers as may be granted to it by Council.

Planning Commission 6 year term – Meets Monthly – During Workday – 1 opening

The Planning Commission shall conduct studies, surveys and prepare plans, reports and maps relative to the overall planning of the growth, development, redevelopment and renewal of the City, and may make such recommendations relative thereto to the Council as it feels are in the best interest of the City. The Planning Commission shall continuously review and report to the Council its recommendations concerning the City’s capital improvement programs, subdivision, platting and zoning ordinances and regulations. The Planning Commission shall cooperate with other governmental or private planning agencies to secure the maximum benefit to the City of the work, studies, surveys and reports of such other planning agencies.

City of Elyria Board and Commission Appointment Application




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