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In the City of Elyria, per Ordinance Number 87-193 passed by Elyria City Council on June 1, 1987, alarm systems, both residential and commercial, require permits issued by the Safety Service Director.

Per the ordinance, no person shall operate, cause to be operated or permit the installation of an alarm system unless a current permit has been issued by the Safety Service Director for such system. The person in control of the property which the alarm system is designed to protect shall be subject to prosecution if they permit the operation of such system without a valid permit.


To receive an alarm system permit, persons/entities in control of the respective property must complete a City of Elyria Alarm System Permit Application

Permit Cost

  • Residences: $5.00
  • Commercial: $25.00

Applications must be fully completed and returned with payment (checks made payable to the City of Elyria) to:

Elyria City Hall
Attn: Office of the Safety Service Director
131 Court Street, Suite 301

Within 15 days, after which, your permit will be mailed to you.