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Snow Parking Ban: Noon Feb. 15 through Noon Feb. 17

Feb 13, 2021

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In preparation for the forecasted snow event, the City of Elyria has issued a snow parking ban beginning noon Monday, February 15, 2021 through noon Wednesday, February 17, 2021.  

Residents are reminded to obey all current on-street parking pursuant to Elyria Codified Ordinance 351.18 Snow Emergency, prohibiting parking on designated streets (see list below) with no parking signs when snow exceeds four inches (4”) or more.

The designated streets are listed below:

  • 2nd between East Ave. and West Ave.
  • East Ave. & Broad St.
  • East Ave. between 4th and 16th – Northbound lane, east side of roadway
  • East River St. between Eastern Heights Blvd. and Lincoln St.
  • Garford Ave. between Colgate and Eastern Heights Blvd.
  • Kerstetter Way between Broad and West Ave.
  • Middle Ave. between 3rd and 16th
  • Oakdale Circle between Defiance Ave. and South Abbe Rd.
  • Ohio St. between Washington Ave. and Gulf Rd.
  • Park Ave. between Michigan Ave. and Oxford Ave.
  • Ridge St. between East River St. and E. Bridge St.
  • University Avenue between E. River St. and South Abbe Rd.
  • Washington Ave. between Broad and Ohio St.
  • West Ave. between 4th and Oberlin Rd.
  • Whitman Blvd. between N. Abbe Rd. and Gulf Rd.
  • Winckles St. between Taylor and Clark St.

The parking ban will be enforced by the Elyria Police Department.

Residents throughout the city that are not in designated snow emergency areas, are still encouraged to remove vehicles from on street parking for the duration of the ban. The City of Elyria will ensure the Washington Avenue public parking lot is available for those in need of a location to park their vehicle(s).

Motorists are reminded to use caution during the upcoming weather event and are deeply encouraged to limit any unnecessary travel.

The City of Elyria will utilize all resources to keep main roads, bridges, hills, and curves cleared during the weather event, and, with all available resources deployed to begin secondary and side streets after the height of the storm has passed.

Download PDFRead Ordinance 351.18