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Our vision is to create 2025 quality jobs by the year 2025, in spite of the expected economic downtown as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic, an 8-year run losing over 4000 jobs in the city, and the loss of two of Elyria’s major employers. Our “Get in the B.A.G” strategy is comprised of the following initiatives:

B: Build a City for entrepreneurs

Elyria is building an ecosystem that makes it easier for business startups to get the support they need to succeed. This includes packaging easy-to-access loans and capital, affordable retail and office space, customers, and coaching.

A: Attract employers through upskilling our workforce

Investing in Elyrians is a win-win proposition: residents will be equipped with in-demand skills and employers will be surrounded by the workforce they need.

G: Grow the businesses currently in Elyria

The City of Elyria is committed to providing an environment that supports the growth of our businesses. This means thoughtfully developing channels for businesses to access talent and capital as well as improving City infrastructure needs such as parking and roads. Our desire is for the voices of our small businesses to be heard in a consistent and meaningful way so that we can respond and grow together.

Economic Development and Business Services Council

The Elyria Economic Transformation and Business Services Council (ETABS Council) was developed to provide the business community with impactful leadership opportunities in the City to help address barriers that companies face, as well as partnering with the City to help guide our vision.

Elyria Works 2.0

Elyria Works was originally developed in partnership with the Brinda administration and Lorain County Urban League to help Elyria residents gain better access to good-paying manufacturing jobs. Today, the initiative is being re-envisioned through Elyria Works 2.0, expanding its partnerships to include Ohio Means Jobs and Lorain County Community College to increase access to resources for all Elyrians. The goal is to streamline high-quality services to provide training and certificate opportunities for 21st century skills, expanding the initiative’s focus beyond manufacturing to other in-demand, growing occupations/fields. 


We Care Elyria Collaboration

Provides food and life’s essentials for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities in Elyria and the county during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.  


Creating conversation around community events that add to the lives of residents, with the goal of increasing attendance and quality of life.

Police and Community Relations

Focuses on improving relationships, trust, and communication between residents and law enforcement.

Communication and Engagement

We believe an informed Elyria is a strong Elyria, and that listening is just as important in sharing. We are strengthening our commitment to communication through traditional methods such as in-person discussions, working with our local media, surveying and providing printed updates wherever possible, all while responding to your feedback by improving our website and social media channels, and adding more video, interactive online meetings, and other multimedia opportunities to enhance engagement, accessibility, transparency, and inclusion.


Education and Youth Development

Bringing together area schools and youth service and/or program providers to develop a shared vision, partnering to provide more educational and recreational opportunities for all youth in Elyria.

Youth Council

Elevating the voices and concerns of our youth, providing an opportunity for our young people to contribute in tangible, meaningful ways, while beginning to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Elders and/or Seniors Council

Providing senior citizens with opportunities to purposefully define and express their specific concerns and needs, while providing unique opportunities to create tangible solutions and shape our city’s vision.