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Combined sewers are the oldest type of sewers in Elyria, and they convey both household sanitary wastes and rain water to the Elyria WWPC plant for treatment. These combined sewers comprise a very small percentage of Elyria’s sewers and are found in the oldest sections of the city, primarily south of the downtown area between East Avenue and West Avenue.

When these combined sewers were constructed back in the 1920s through the 1940s, overflow relief points were designed into them to accommodate excess water during heavier rains. Overflow would be routed out of these relief points to the river as a way to protect private property from sewage backups.

These combined sewer overflows (CSO) contain a mixture of sewage and rainwater. Residents should avoid bodily contact with river water during and immediately after rain events. In fact, Elyria Ordinance 521.11 prohibits swimming in the Black River within corporation limits at all times.

The City of Elyria has several projects in the interest of protecting public health, including construction of the East Side Relief Sewer and East Avenue Relief Sewer to control overflows. In addition, the City developed a Combined Sewer Overflow Public Notification Plan to raise awareness of overflows during wet weather events. These notifications are emailed to subscribers within four hours of the City becoming aware of active combined sewer overflows.

To sign up for notifications, please call the Superintendent of the City of Elyria Wastewater Pollution Control plant at 440-366-2211, ext. 5100, or submit your request via email at