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Your water meter has a built-in radio frequency interface unit. It captures readings every hour and transmits them to the City’s data collectors. This allows for more accurate and timely readings.


The display will appear by shining a very bright flashlight on the meter register. 

  • The LEAK icon looks like a dripping faucet, indicating a possible leak.
    • OFF – No leak indicated
    • FLASHING – Intermittent leak indicates that water has been used for at least 50 of the 96 15-minute intervals during the previous 24-hour period.
    • CONTINUOUS – Indicates water use for all 96 15-minute intervals during the previous 24-hour period.
  • The RATE icon is displayed every twelve (12) seconds on LCD display to indicate rate of flow.
  • The plus/minus FLOW INDICATOR indicates the presence, absence and/or direction of water flow through the meter.
    • ON – Water in use
    • OFF – Water not in use
    • FLASHING – Water is running slowly
    • (-) Reverse flow
    • (+) Forward flow

Date of Manufacture

Indicates when the unit was made.

 LCD Display

The 9-digit display provides the meter reading in billing units of measure: U.S. gallons & cubic feet. The number includes decimal points; readings are obtained by reading the digits from left to right.


The meter is owned and maintained by the City of Elyria.

  • The homeowner is responsible for keeping a 3 foot radius clear for meter access at all times. If the City needs to remove plants, trees or decorative fixtures of any type within this 3 foot radius, it will be the homeowner’s responsibility for disposal of such. 
  • The meter is generally located in a small box in the ground near the street or the edge of the property.
  • It registers in gallons all of the water used in your home or building, as well as outdoor water use.
  • Meters have electronic reading devices that allow the meter reader to capture the reading remotely. 
  • Meters are read monthly.
  • All meters are calibrated and tested in the factory before they are shipped to the City of Elyria.
  • The design of the water meter does not allow the City to adjust the dials.
  • You can determine the consumption for a period of time by comparing the beginning reading to the ending reading. 
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