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Why are there so many potholes on our streets?

AnswerThe Street Department works year-round to battle the potholes caused by age, snowplowing, rain, and harsh northeast Ohio winters.

REPORT A POTHOLE: 440-322-3129

How does the City repair potholes?

Answer: Many repairs are weather-dependent, and during the cold months, our crews use what is called “cold patch” to make temporary repairs until the weather is more cooperative.  Cold patch is not a permanent fix, it is meant to keep the roads passable until warmer weather arrives. During winter, potholes that are cold-patched may need to be repaired more than once.  Once the weather warms up to a certain constant temperature, our crews will switch to hot patch and make permanent fixes. 

Please always use caution when driving on any roads in Ohio during the winter and spring months, and please let the City know if you see a pothole immediately by calling 440-322-3129.

How do you decide which streets to plow?

Answer: Plowing is prioritized by use and hazard – which means that we focus on areas that are used by the highest number of travelers, and on areas that have the highest potential for danger. As such, the Streets Department focuses plowing on main thoroughfares, hills, curves, school zones, and established routes. Side streets are plowed when snow is in excess of four (4”) inches and manpower allows.

What weather determines a parking ban?

Answer: When snowfall accumulates to over 4″ for one snow event, parking bans may be put into effect on designated streets throughout the City.

How do you treat streets when it snows?

Answer: The City of Elyria follows established, State-approved best practices for safe and efficient salting and de-icing of roadways. Main thoroughfares and emergency routes will be salted.  The Street Department also pre-treats hills, bridges and high-traffic streets with “brine” – a salt-water mixture – designed to keep ice from forming during winter weather events.

Will the City pick up my leaves if I bag them?

Answer: If you choose to bag the leaves, the leaves must be placed into a paper yardwaste bag.  Leaves placed in plastic or garbage bags will not be taken. Piles of leaves containing branches, trash or other items will not be picked up.

When does leaf pick-up occur?

Answer: The start and end of leaf pickup will be announced nearing the start date every year. Please know that the date is based on weather conditions and will be optimized to begin when most of the trees have lost their leaves. 

Leaf pickup is also weather dependent, so in the event of early, sustained snowfall, leaf pickup may be suspended for the remainder of the year.  If you wish to participate in the leaf pickup program, you are advised to get your leaves raked to the curblawn at the beginning of the program to avoid any problems.

What if I don’t get my leaves to the curb in time for pick-up?

AnswerThe City of Elyria partners with Barnes Nursery to operate a compost facility located at 45 Chestnut Street. Residents may drop off yard waste, including grass, leaves, brush and trimmings free of charge. The facility also sells mulch created from these items at a discounted rate. Please note that this service is for Elyria residents only, and Barnes personnel may request identification to ensure that yard waste bags are only from Elyria residents.

 Barnes Nursery will only accept materials in brown paper yard-waste bags. Yard Waste bags are available for free at Elyria City Hall and the Central Maintenance Garage.