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Each fall the City of Elyria announces the dates for when Leaf Collection will begin.

How to Prepare Leaves for Pickup

For the Leaf Removal Program, leaves should be raked/blown to the curbside in piles or wind rows as close to, but not into the street. No brush, twigs, or other material should be mixed in with leaves, as they tend to clog the equipment and slow the collection process. 

Note: Early in the collection season, 2-person crews including a driver and shoot operator will facilitate collection; the shoot will extend as far as possible to collect leaves. Any remaining leaves will need to be raked closer to the road for an additional collection at a later date. 

Collection Schedule

Due to the great volume of leaves and the unpredictability of Northeast Ohio weather, no daily schedule can be followed or provided, however, leaf collection will occur as quickly and often as possible. Areas with the greatest volume of leaves will be picked up more frequently. 

The City of Elyria’s goal is to be as efficient as possible whilst providing this much needed service. 

Inclement Weather/Program Closing

Please understand that inclement weather can adversely affect the Leaf Collection Program schedule. Rain and snow significantly slow the collection process, and sometimes stop it altogether. 

In the second week of Decembe, the Leaf Collection Program will conclude for the year. Any leaves collected after this date must be bagged for sanitaton pickup. 

In the event of significant snowfall before the end of leaf season, collection may be suspended as trucks will beed to be converted for snow removal. 


  • Do not allow children or pets to play in or around leaf piles
  • Do not park cars in front of, or on top of leaf piles*
  • Do not place branches or other debris in leaf piles*

Elyria residents with a utility (water) bill may bag leaves and dispose of them at the Elyria Regional Compost Facility located at 45 Chestnut Street. Leaves must be bagged in brown recycle bags, that can be found at City Hall (131 Court Street) or the Central Maintence Complex (851 Garden Street) at no cost to residents

*Will result in leaves not being collected.


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