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Who prunes Elyria’s street trees?

Answer: The Forestry Division has a special crew dedicated to tree work. All members of the crew undergo extensive training; some of the crew members have college degrees. In some instances, tree trimming or removal may be contracted out. For contractors to work for the City, they must be an ISA Certified Arborist. Both city crews and contractors adopt the following standards when pruning:

  • American National Institute A-300 Pruning Standards
  • International Society of Arborculture – Best Management Practices for Tree Pruning

My tree looks like it’s declining. Can I have it removed?

Answer: Please contact the Forestry Division at 440-323-3184. The City Urban Forrester will inspect the tree, and if needed, the tree will be removed.

Who prunes trees around power lines?

Answer: Trimming around power lines is done by Ohio Edison.  The extensive trimming done around power lines performed by trained professionals at their discretion for the safety of our residents.

Can I plant a tree on my curb-lawn?

Answer: If you want to plant a tree in your curb-lawn at your own expense, please contact the City of Elyria Sanitation Department – Forestry Division at 440-323-3184 for a site evaluation and tree species approval. An approved list of tree species matched with specific site conditions is available. Residents are encouraged to water new curb-lawn trees for the first several years after planting.