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What types of complaints are accepted by the department?


Employee Involved Complaints  | Actions taken by a citizen to bring to the attention of the Elyria Police Department any unresolved dissatisfaction with police action or inaction that involves an alleged or suspected violation by any member of the Department of statutes, ordinances, rules & regulations, or departmental policy and procedures.

 Department Complaints  | Actions taken by any person to bring to the attention of the Elyria Police Department, any unresolved dissatisfaction with Department procedure, practice, methods that do not meet the criteria of an employee involved complaint.

 If the only complaint is a contention of innocence of a charge without any allegation of misconduct by the officer, you should seek judicial redress through established court procedure.

 It is a violation of Ohio law to file a false complaint against a police officer (Ohio Revised Code 2921.15).

Who handles citizen complaints?

AnswerFirst line supervisors are generally assigned to investigate complaints dealing with quality of service. Examples of these complaints are:

  • Discourtesy/unprofessional attitude
  • Lack of proper service
  • Improper procedure (offense investigation, use of discretion, official law enforcement practices, police department procedures)

 The Chief of Police generally assigns an Internal Affairs Investigator to investigate allegations of misconduct and/or the judicial system.  Examples of these complaints are:

  • Criminal conduct
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Use of excessive force
  • Unnecessary pointing of firearms at persons
  • Serious misconduct (ex.: severe nature or pattern of procedural violations, lack of service, etc.)
  • Improper searches and seizures
  • Discrimination
How do I file a complaint?

AnswerThe Department Complaint Form is available on the Department’s website or at the Records window 24-hours a day.

A complaint can be filed in writing, verbally, in person or by mail, telephone, fax, or email. Specific instructions are attached on the back of the Department Complaint form.

Download PDF Department Complaint Form

What information do I need to file a complaint?
AnswerOn the EPD Complaint Form, you will be requested to give your name, address, phone numbers where you can be reached, and the name, address and phone numbers of any witnesses.

You will also need to provide the date, time and facts of the incident. If you have the officer’s name, badge number, unit of assignment or car number, it would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Download PDF Department Complaint Form

How will my complaint be resolved?

AnswerQuality-Of-Service Complaints will be assigned to a supervisor and fully investigated.

Allegations of Misconduct will be assigned to an investigator and fully investigated.

Upon completion of this investigation a report will be forwarded to the Police Chief for final disposition.

Where do I pay a traffic citation?

Answer: Fines for traffic citations must be paid in the Clerk of Courts Office, located in the Elyria Municipal Court Building, 601 Broad Street or via the Clerk of Elyria Municipal Court’s office website. Their business hours are 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The police department will not accept payment of traffic citations when the Clerk of Elyria Municipal Court’s Office is closed.