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The City of Elyria is entering a new stage of growth and transformation in 2020 – and we want you to be a part of it. As the 14th largest city in Ohio and the Lorain County seat, more than 55,000 citizens call Elyria home.

A nexus of several major highways, rail and water transportation, and only six miles from Lake Erie, it is no accident that several companies have located their worldwide headquarters here. Of the top 25 employers in Lorain County, 11 are located in Elyria. Here’s why:


Founded in 1817, Elyria is nestled at the two forks of the Black River, just six miles from Lake Erie and 20 miles from Cleveland. Elyria’s stunning beauty features majestic waterfalls, 365 acres of parks, and a charming Ely Square where annual festivals and celebrations unite the people of the City and Lorain County.


The City of Elyria is home to 22 diverse, vibrant neighborhoods, each with its own charm and story. Affordable tax rates and great public schools combine with beautiful views, historic houses, and so much more – Elyria’s neighborhoods have a little something for everyone.


Low taxes and cost-effective housing contribute to the affordability of our area, while the City’s commitment to high quality service makes Elyria a great place to live.


Lorain County Community College, nearby Oberlin College and Lorain County JVS provide culture, business development and job training opportunities to keep our workforce current, while constantly innovating to meet the opportunities of tomorrow.