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The City of Elyria’s Communications Department plays a critical role in the City’s safety services, responsible for the City’s traffic signals, pedestrian traffic controls, two-way radios, and light poles.

The department’s commitment to excellent service means maintaining constant communication with the Elyria Police Department so that we can respond immediately and resolve issues within the hour whenever possible.

The Communications Department also repairs damage to Elyria’s light poles. The goal of Communications is to keep the roadways operating as normally as possible during any and every condition.

Report Traffic Light Outages:
440-326-1400, ext. 3400
After Hours: 440-323-3302
Traffic Patterns & Timing:


Communications Department
Larry Showalter, Manager

131 Court Street, Suite 101
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Phone: 440-322-3329 


The Communications Department installs and maintains the City’s 75 traffic signals and 22 flashing signals.

If a light pole is damaged or destroyed, our team works quickly to make the roadways safe by removing obstacles, rewiring light poles, standing poles upright, and replacing metal studs within concrete.

The Communications Department is responsible for installing and maintaining two-way radios and emergency signaling devices for Elyria’s Police and Fire Departments.