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Finance Committee Meeting Agenda: Feb 10, 2020

Feb 10, 2020

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[Immediately Following Community Development]

FINAL Agenda Vic Stewart ~ Committee Chair

1. Approval of the JANUARY 27, 2020 Finance Meeting Minutes

2. The matter of Amendment #2 for the Water and Sanitary Sewer Rate Study.
REFERRED BY: Engineer Schneider

3. The matter of acceptance of the IAFF Local 474 Firefighter Contract.
REFERRED BY: Assistant Safety Service Director Brubaker

4. The matter of a request to reduce Building Department fees and Plan Review fees by 50% for construction of the Main Branch of The Elyria Public Library.
REFERRED BY: Third Ward Councilperson Jessie

5. The matter of commercial credit card account agreement with Huntington Bank.
REFERRED BY: Assistant Finance Director Farrell

6. The matter of the Temporary Appropriations for the year 2020.
REFERRED BY: Finance Directors Pileski and Farrell



1. The matter of citizen requests for additional street lighting. W/ CD Referred by: SSD Siwierka (tabled 1/11/16 & 4/11/16)

2. The matter of equipping police cruisers and police officers with video cameras. (4/24/17 tabled) Referred by: Councilman Tanner

3. The matter of the Sanitation Rate Review to adopt new Sanitation Rates. Referred By: Safety Service Director Siwierka

4. The matter of changes to Chapter 165 Executive Summary. Referred By: HR Director Dillinger


Union Contracts, Fee Ordinance, Salary Ordinance, Changes to Chapter 165, EPA Matters, Appropriations/Budget, Enterprise Zone Agreements / Tax Abatement / CRA Matters-Agreements w/CD, Fire Station Work, Police Complex Work, Issue 6 Matters, Rural Enterprise Zone Matters, sale of City owned land w/ CD, Acquiring properties for Land Reutilization in Compliance with Neighborhood Stabilization Program. W/ CD

The matter of Unpaid Utility Bills approved by Resolution Board and to be certified to L.C. Auditor, The matter of lot mowing charges.

The matter of Insurance Policy Renewals