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RFP: Printer/Copier services, equipment and copies

Apr 1, 2022

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Separate sealed Request for Proposals (RFP) will be received by the Mayor of the City of Elyria, Ohio in the Office of the Safety Service Director, Elyria City Hall, 131 Court St., Ste, 301, Elyria, Ohio 44035 until 2:30 p.m., Local Time on Monday May 1,

 Printer/Copier services, equipment and copies for The City of Elyria, Ohio Said specifications are available in the Office of the Safety Service Director (440) 326-1417. Attention:  Kevin Brubaker, 131 Court St., Ste. 301, Elyria, Ohio 44035 or on the city’s website at

 The City reserves the right to waive any technicalities, informalities or irregularities or to reject any or all RFP’s received, and to accept any bid with any combination of alternatives which is deemed most favorable to the City of Elyria, Ohio at the time and under the conditions stipulated in the project documents.

The City of Elyria
Auditor Office 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC3501 V9415300607
Community Dev. 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC4000 V1205601389
5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP2550B M6415900762
Engineer 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP4001SP V7915900549
Law Director
Building Dept. 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC2551 V9815800577
Mayor Office 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC4501 V9515100105
Maintenance Garage 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP2550B M6415900644
Water Pollution 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP2550B M6415900664
Fire Department 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC3500 L8986520190
Water Works 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP2550B M6415900678
Clerk of Council 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC4500SP L9076421147
Public Untilites 5/1/2012 Auditor RI LO528SP
Police Department 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP4001SP V7915001119
RI MP4001SP V7915001143
RI MP4001SP V7915001106
Rec. Dept-East 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MP 2510 M0976000616
Rec. Dept-Main 5/1/2012 Auditor RI MPC6000 M7980100126
Health Dept. 5/1/2012 H. Dept RIMP3352 432L301874
RIMP3352 432L301847
Municipal Court 10/12/2007 M-Court RI C3500SPF L8976720593
Municipal Court 1/26/2009 M-Court RI3025SP 8556000020
Municipal Court 3/12/2010 M-Court RIC2800SPF V1404900552
Security Office 2/12/2010 M-Court RI2022 8355400316
Judge Locke Graves 12/1/2011 M-Court RI161SPF M0179300880
Judge Locke Graves 10/1/2009 M-Court RI3025SP 8565500058
Judge Bennett 1/1/2008 M-Court RI2510SP M0975000875
Water Pollution 4/27/2007 Auditor RI240W L3070100279