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Community Housing Impact & Preservation Program

Jan 20, 2022

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The CHIP program is designed to bring affected 1-unit structures into compliance with
the City of Elyria Housing Code and ODSA Residential Rehab Standards. This will be
accomplished by a combination of making repairs to, altering or replacing the electrical,
heating, plumbing and structural elements of the home.

Application Deadline: March 4, 2022
Applications are available at the Office of Community Development, by mail or


Homeowners must meet the following criteria: The house must be a single family dwelling located within the City of Elyria, Ohio.

The applicant:

• Must be the owner of the house,
• Must live in the home as a primary permanent residence,
• Must be able to provide proof of home ownership,
• Must have active home insurance and paid property taxes.
• Total household income must be at or below 80% or area median income.

The CHIP Program: offers a 0% deferred interest loan with a declining balance of 16% per
year for the first five (5) years. The remaining 20% balance beginning in year six (6) will not
have to be repaid to the City until the property changes title.

For more information contact the Office of Community Development at 440-326-1541. Additional program restrictions apply.

Funds provided by ODSA through the HOME Program.
Elyria is an Equal Opportunity Provider.