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Rates and Rules

Customers served within the corporate limits of the City of Elyria are billed monthly for Water, Sewer and Refuse Pickup Services.

Customers served outside of the corporate limits are billed quarterly for water services. Selected areas are also billed for county services. The City does not provide sewer or refuse pickup services outside of is corporate limits.

Water fees for customers being served outside of the City are 40% higher.

The following rates will be fully in effect for billings in January 2018 Water Sewer OMR Sewer Debt. Refuse Total
Monthly Minimum Billing $15.41 $14.58 $7.92 $27.42 $65.33
Homestead Minimum Billing $10.88 $14.58 $7.92 $19.20 $52.58
Average Family of Four Using 800 cubic feet $35.86 $38.88 $21.12 $27.42 $123.28



Water Rules and Regulations