General Information

  • The City of Elyria cemeteries are dedicated to the burial of the human dead and are maintained primarily for the use and benefit of the citizens of Elyria.
  • You may purchase your space(s) at any time, however the price for interment is payable upon the passing of your loved one.
  • All other pricing that is rendered by the cemetery division will be given to you upon request by calling the office at 440.322.3896.
  • “Major Clean Up’s” …. of the cemetery are done twice a year, in March and October, people who want to keep sentimental items and/or flowers must due so by the posted dates. These dates are published in the local newspaper, the cities cable station, and posted at the entrance of Brookdale.
  • ALL city cemeteries are open year round 24 hours a day. Park Rangers along with the police department keep watch on all these locations to make sure of your safety.


Pricing per cemetery space

  • Cost of space – Adult ($800.00 per space)
  • Cost of space – Child ($350.00 per space)
  • Cremation space        ($350.00 per space)