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American Rescue Plan Essential Service Application

Nov 22, 2021

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The City of Elyria, Office of Community Development, is accepting applications from qualified
organizations interested in providing services, projects, or programs that serve Elyrians in response to
the impacts of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Application & more information can be found here: ARP_Essential_Services_Application


Under this program, funds may be used to provide public services (including labor, supplies, materials
and other costs), provided the public service is to support coronavirus response. Assessing whether
a program or service “responds to” the COVID-19 public health emergency requires the
applicant to, first identify a need or negative impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency
and second, identify how the program, service or other intervention addresses the identified
need or impact.

Eligible uses for ARP can be found on the US Treasury website, as mentioned above the city has
identified the following priorities but funds are not limited to:
Job/Employment Training and Technology & Entrepreneurship and Small business assistance
1. Expenses to facilitate internet access or digital literacy assistance

2. Expenses associated with the provision of economic support in connection with the COVID-19
public health emergency

3. Employment and training programs necessary due to the public health emergency.
Mental Health and Community Wellness Services

4. New or enhanced behavioral health services exacerbated by the pandemic and respond to
other public health impacts. These services may include mental health treatment, substance
misuse treatment, other behavioral health services, hotlines or warmlines, crisis intervention,
overdose prevention, infectious disease prevention, and services or outreach to promote
access to physical or behavioral health primary case and preventative medicine.
Community Violence and Crime Prevention

5. Evidence-based community violence intervention programs to prevent violence and mitigate
the increase in violence during the pandemic.
Out of school care for youth (Childcare and Education Services)

6. New, expanded, or enhanced early learning services, including pre-kindergarten, Head Start,
or partnerships between pre-kindergarten programs and local education authorities.

7. Evidence-based educational services and practices to address the academic needs of
students, including tutoring, summer, afterschool, and other extended learning and enrichment

8. Evidence-based practices to address the social, emotional, and mental health needs of
9. New or expanded high-quality childcare to provide safe and supportive care for children.
Also accepting applications related to,
Eligibility Guidance can be found at the US treasury’s website 31 CFR Part 35

More information can be found here: ARP_Essential_Services_Application

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