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Open Position: Pool Lifeguards

May 3, 2021

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Your prime responsibility is the health and safety of pool patrons. Duties are not just limited to those responsibilities. Verbal and written duties will be given as needed.


  • Be at work on time.
  • Be ready to guard when you arrive at work.
  • Open the pool on time. Be in the pool area 5 minutes before scheduled opening.
  • Follow the dress code policy.
  • Do not leave your station except in the execution of an emergency or upon being properly relieved.
  • Do not read, smoke or indulge in horseplay while guarding. At all times your personal conduct is being watched by the public.
  • Know the pool rules and see that they are understood and enforced consistently
  • Check the condition of the board, ladders, guard chair, and other equipment each time you are on duty. Notify manager of any defects.
  • Guard Rotation- Please have consideration for your fellow guards and be on time when rotating.
  • When relieving a guard, it is mandatory to keep your eyes on the pool at all times. Don’t leave your station until the guard relieving you becomes situated in the chair.
  • Be professional, alert, and courteous.
  • Help enforce another lifeguard’s disciplinary action even though you may feel that they are unjust–discuss it later.
  • Know and understand the emergency procedures for the pool.
  • Be fair and equal in disciplinary actions. Be consistent in your actions and do not play favorites.
  • You are responsible for cleaning bathrooms, deck, guard room, hallways, vacuuming the pool, showers, monitoring the bathrooms, check for soap, toilet paper, and emptying all trash.

Qualified candidates should submit a City of Elyria application found at or via e-mail to or by mail or in person to ATTN: HR, 131 Court Street, Suite 104, Elyria, OH 44035.