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Water Distribution will be flushing hydrants on the following streets on 10-24-2023. Customers in the area may experience some water discoloration due to hydrant flushing. This will only be temporary. Customers should run the cold water  in the home until the water clears. For any issues or concerns contact Elyria Water Distribution at 1-440-322-2927.

  • Ford Rd.
  • Regency Ct.
  • Griswold Rd.
  • Elyria Central Maintenance Garage
  • Infirmary Road across from Dauch Concrete Murray Ridge Adult Workshop
  • 899 Oberlin Road
  • City Limits on Middle Avenue
  • 1250 East River
  • 952 Elywood
  • 220 Schaden
  • 7492 Murray Ridge
  • 1327 East Ave.
  • 8303 Murray Ridge (A.P.L.)
  • 2396 North Ridge (across from Good Deal Auto) Elyria South Rec