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CDBG Public Service Application for CDBG-CV Funding

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Round 1 Due by Tuesday, May 26

Submit completed applications to Mona Almobayyed via email at

A Message from Mayor Frank Whitfield

During this global pandemic, I’ve been inspired by community partners willing to step up and continue to serve throughout this crisis. We’re thankful that through the CARES Act, cities like Elyria received Community Development Block Grant dollars specifically geared towards addressing challenges residents are facing due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We have identified employment training, youth services, subsistence payments, and food banks as priorities in our community.

As we wrestle with our new economy, we want to ensure that residents are getting the re-skilling and training necessary to obtain high-quality, good paying jobs. We also deeply value our young people and want to make sure that they have quality growth and development opportunities while having fun outside of school. We also recognize that during these employment transitions that individuals may have trouble paying for emergency expenses related to utilities and rent, and want to ensure that we have resources dedicated to those needs. Finally, we want to make sure that Every Elyrian Eats Everyday, so we are dedicating resources to efforts focused on ensuring that happens.

In order to support these needs in our community, we need dedicated community partners and agencies to make it happen, which is why we are excited and eager to invite organizations and agencies to apply for this grant funding. We encourage partners to be innovative, follow public health guidelines, and collaborate with others to create something special that meets the needs of Elyrians.

Some projects will need little to no funding to make happen, while others may need additional sponsors and partners – regardless, we want to review all projects to see how we may support.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned growing up and living in Elyria, is that when we put out a challenge to our community, Elyrians always step up.

Let’s work together and #BeatCovid19

In Pioneering Spirit,
Honorable Frank Whitfield, MBA
Mayor, City of Elyria