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Abbe Road Update (East Side Relief Sewer Project)

Jan 7, 2020

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Beginning the morning of 5/26/20: Abbe road will be closed at the intersection of Poplar Street and Abbe Rd. All residents living north of the intersection will have access to their premises from Rt. 57, and all residents living south of the intersection will have access from Cleveland Street. Poplar Street will be closed from Bon-Air to Longfellow with access only tothose living or working within the zone. Accommodations will be made for the Dentist office and the school as needed.

03/06/2020 –

Beginning 7:00am Monday, March 9th, 2020 the East Side Sewer Relief Project will begin open trench excavation on Bon-Air Avenue at Sycamore Street. The project is jumping from the north side of the Turnpike to south of SR 57. The Bon-Air & Sycamore intersection will be closed to all traffic. The 300 block of Bon-Air residents will access from Poplar Street. The two residences 408 and 416 Bon-Air will have a temporary drive installed and their access will be from Sycamore and Abbe. Please note that Bon-Air Avenue between Duffey and Abbe remains closed except for local residents and EMS for roadway reconstruction. Also, heavy construction vehicles will be there as Triad Construction will begin the boring project under the Turnpike and SR 57 for the pipe installation.


The temporary restoration of Bon-Air Ave has progressed from 502 Bon-Air Ave. The overnight closure will be at 502 Bon-Air Ave and Duffey & Bon-Air. EMS and local residents will need to access addresses above 502 Bon-Air Ave from Abbe Rd. Wed 3-3 the contractor will be in the Abbe & Duffey intersection. No pass through traffic.


ROAD CLOSING UPDATE: Bon-Air Avenue is open between Duffey & Abbe for local and EMS traffic ONLY. The Contractor will be performing street maintenance to help limit the amount of mud & ruts and will have of rolling road closure beginning at 521 Bon-Air and moving south. The closure will be for overnight as well. Bon-Air residents will be notified on a regular basis where the overnight closure will be. Duffey Street remains closed at Bon-Air. Duffey Street traffic needs to use the posted detour of Howard Street to Georgetown Avenue.


The East Side sewer relief project continues to make progress. The open trench excavation on Bon-Air Ave has been completed. Bon-Air can now be accessed from both Abbe Road and Duffey Street. Bon-Air is ONLY open to the local residents & EMS. Duffey Street is still closed at Bon-Air, because of utility tie-ins that still need to be completed. Duffey Street and North Park Ice Rink still needs to be accessed from Georgetown Ave. Bon-Air Ave is still torn up and is very rough and muddy. The Bon-Air road surface won’t be restored and paved for many weeks. Construction will continue in this area and traffic will be maintained by the contractor as needed.

The ESRS project has progressed south to 513 Bon-Air Avenue. All addresses numerically higher than 513 will access from the north (Abbe & Hilliard) and the lower addresses from the south (Abbe & Duffey.) See Map: 2020-005 – 513 Bon-Air ESSRP

Bon Air Ave. open trench excavation has reached 521 bon air. Higher addresses access from the north, and lower ones access from the south. See map: 2020-004 – 521 Bon-Air ESSRP

Beginning, Tuesday January 7, 2020 @ 7:00 AM and continuing for approximately four weeks, Bon-Air Avenue between Abbe Road and Duffey Street will be closed for an open trench excavation project, the East Side Sewer Relief Project. This closure includes the intersection of Bon-Air Avenue and Duffey Street. Drivers going to the Elyria North Park Ice Rink will need to follow the posted detour route of Howard Street to Georgetown Avenue to get to the Ice Rink. Abbe Road will not be affected by this closure.

The work on Bon Air will take time due to the number of utilities and services in the way. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Should Bon Air residents be in need of special accommodations, please contact the Engineer’s office at 440-326-1444.