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Making Payments via the Phone Payment System

The phone payment system can be reached by calling: 440-326-1596.  the system accepts payments by Credit/Debit Cards Only.

These are the steps:

  1. Select Language
  2. Press 1 to make a payment
  3. Enter your full account number
    1. Be sure to enter your entire account number, which includes the three digits after the “-“. 
    2. To enter the account number 100555444-001 would be entered as follows from your keypad 100555444001
  4. Enter your street number for your service location.
    1. If your address was 131 Court St, you would enter 131
  5. Press 1 to pay full amount or 2 for partial payment.
    1. The minimum payment amount is any overdue balance that you have on your bill.
  6. When entering your payment amount use the star key on your keypad for the decimal place.
    1. For Example, to enter a $20.50 payment you would enter 20*50
  7. Enter your credit card number.
  8. Enter the expiration date of the card.
  9. Enter your card security code.  (this is the three or four digit code on the back of your credit card.)
  10. You will hear your confirmation number after the payment has been approved.


Other Options

Another option for making payments is to setup your account for automatic withdrawal from your checking account using the following form.