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Elyria Fire Department New Release



DATE:           November 29, 2017
TIME:            0930 hours
Asst. Chief Carl Mandoke, Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention Bureau
330 East Broad Street
Elyria, OH 44035
440-322-1025 Fax
cmandoke@cityofelyria.org [1]


Three of our recent major structure fires in Elyria have one serious safety problem in common:  Lack of working smoke detectors in rental units.

All 3 fires involved citizen close calls with all human occupants fortunately able to escape (one by jumping out a second floor window).  However, most of the victims needed subsequent medical treatment at the hospital.  Unfortunately, a dog perished in one of the fires while a young puppy miraculously survived in another fire beneath a bed and was rescued by fire department suppression crews.

We wish to stress for the safety of all citizens the importance in having working smoke detectors in all residences.  We also wish to emphasize the City legally requires that all residential landlords provide their tenants with working smoke detectors within their rental properties.  Landlords should ensure that working smoke detectors are present in all their rental units and tenants should then ensure those smoke detectors are maintained properly.  The City requirements for smoke detectors can be found in the City of Elyria Codified Ordinances, Chapter 1394 Smoke Detectors.

We recommend photoelectric smoke detector technology for smoldering fires and ionization smoke detector technology for open flame fires.  We recommend the use of both technologies on all levels in all residences and especially in or near bedrooms to cover all types of fires.